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Mökki, n. [ˈmø̞kːi], Finnish: a small, usually wooden house, generally in the woods or near water, with rustic, simple amenties; camp; cottage; sanctuary.

In the north, where Vancouver Island ends and Princess Charlotte Sound and the Great Bear Wilderness begins, about a 5.5 hour drive from Victoria, British Columbia, there is an island. At the end of the nineteenth century, a group of Finnish immigrants, fleeing the abuses of the local robber baron Dunsmuir, established a commune on Malcolm Island and named it Sointula, Finnish for "place of harmony."

Our family's Finnish heritage and love of the sea drew us to Malcolm Island and to our mökki, a three-bedroom cedar-shake cottage in the village of Sointula, "built" in the 1930s from old-growth fir float houses that at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries made up the mobile cannery camps that dotted the shores up and down Vancouver Island. The cottage is a few blocks from the ocean, with sea-views from the upper windows. 

Like Bannockburn Farm, mökki is not fancy, by design. It is a rural retreat in a place of astonishing natural beauty, where kids can ride bikes for miles on gravel roads and there are hundreds of acres of forest, fish pulled from the sea, and beaches where, if you are lucky, the Orca whales come ashore to rub themselves on the stones, in an ancient pilgrimage. The veil is thin here. The island is ferry serviced, with a regularly scheduled, public ferry (25 minutes sailing). There is a grocery, a restaurant, a hardware store, an ATM, a post office, and a gas pump in the village. And that's it. It's a remote island fishing village, with lovely, down-to-earth people. 

We offer week-long writer retreats here in this summer led by our family writer, who also uses mökki as a personal writing retreat, and from time-to-time mökki is available for holiday rentals and for longer (discounted) retreats in the off-season. Rates are $1500 per week in the summer season (June 15-September 15 (max. occupancy 4 adults, plus any children under 18 in those families), $750 per week in the winter season (rest of the year, same occupancy restrictions), and $1500 per month for winter rentals (winter season only) in the off-season.


For guests willing, in the old-school Finnish communitarian and family style, to do their own end-of-stay cleaning to a high standard (to a detailed check-list provided) and to bring their own linens, so that we aren't required to bring in an on-island housekeeper between stays, we are able to offer a 30% discount on all weekly rates, and a $500 end-of-stay discount on monthly rental. Please inquire

Please note that wifi at mökki is NOT an amenity we are able to offer. We have found that we have good cellular coverage on Malcolm Island, suitable for browsing, email, and brief video conferencing calls, in most cases and weather permitting. If access is important, please check your cellular carrier. The north island does not have broadband internet options at this time.  

We are currently fully booked through September 6, 2023 but are able to take inquiries for September 6, 2023-September 6, 2024 at this time.

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